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When we first met, Denise told me she liked motorbikes. It was the fall of 2019 and we were discussing how the weekend had gone by. During another rendez-vous in 2020, I learned that she had a pet dog. A few weeks before the global emergency that was COVID-19, she was supposed to go on a long relaxing vacation — most likely somewhere in Africa, she had said. I also knew that Denise lived alone and really enjoyed her work. What I really remember about her though was her patience, adventurous spirit, and agreeable nature.

Denise is (or at least…

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Renegades: Born in the USA — A Podcast Review

What do rock and roll star, Bruce Springsteen and former President of the United States, Barack Obama discuss when they sit down for a chat? The answer lies in Spotify’s latest podcast program: Renegades — Born in the USA. The podcast plays out often like a conversation between two friends out on the porch: laid back, reminiscent and relaxed. At the core of every episode are the thematic questions that Obama and Springsteen ask each other. The listeners are often rewarded with answers that have stunning editorial clarity as well intricate detail that connect their personal experiences to the universal…

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In the second week of February this year, there was a video that was doing the rounds on the internet, particularly in the Netherlands. It is of a group of people lazily ice skating on a frozen lake. It looks like a pleasant scene: the sun is out yet the ground has kept its cold promise and thickened the ice enough for everyone to be idling on it. Then, from the far corner, you see a man zig-zagging his way across the water, speeding like someone on a mission. As he comes into full view of the camera, he trips…

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The hare pulled out of a hat. The magician bows. You applaud.

Have you ever wondered how he did it? Knowing spoils the magic of it, they say. But unlike show tricks and sleeves of doves, chefs are the kind of wizards who are bursting to share the many spells they’ve learned about food that they have transported from the pantry to the plate. One such brilliant example fell onto my lap recently: Yotam Ottolenghi’s latest cookbook called Flavour.

Ottolenghi is an Israeli-English chef and writer with grand mastery over pen and pan as far as I can tell. My…

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In the summer of 2007, I was sitting in my home, at my father’s new computer, waiting nervously for what was back then the most important ping of my life.

I was waiting for my crush to come online on MSN messenger.

The computer was brand new, the CPU was the size of a fridge and all in all, it had an extraordinary number of buttons. I had helped Appa assemble it and my reward had been a personal account. I had immediately set my cursor to a tiny blinking dinosaur that I trundled up and down the Windows XP…

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a review of The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

I was in fifth grade when I learned that someone could die in front of everybody during dinner. This was how: my best friend’s parents had hosted an evening with another couple and their children. The father had collapsed, had been taken to the hospital and my best friend was told — and in turn, told us — that he was “not coming back”. His daughter was my age.

You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends

This is one of the first lines that…

From the plane windows, I can see that it is still very much light out. However, it feels very dark on the inside. I’m close to tears, nervous and jittery. I postponed thinking about my return journey for so long that when it did arrive, I felt defeated; it felt like a viral infection had caught up with me finally.

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A couple of years ago, a friend of mine wrote an article about ‘Women in STEM’ for TU Delta. It addressed the gender disparity that exists in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and more specifically, the skewed gender ratio at TU’s EEMCS faculty. One of the responses she received was from someone who had taken the liberty to dissect her article — line by line — just to underline the fact that her opinions were entirely misplaced. This event really stuck with me back then. Do people truly not understand the issue at large?

Let us first look…

“Something good always happens when you go outside”

This is one of my favorite sentences. It is stolen not from some literary heavyweight’s essay nor is it wisdom from an obscure fictional character. It comes, quite unromantically, from my mental safe of intriguing messages post a 2014 Whatsapp-status-stalk session.

Back when Whatsapp bios were the passive-aggressive way to express yourself, when we were limited to 120 characters and there was no Instagram for us to Instagram, we were confined to using these little lines as a means of self-expression and identity. For some, it changed on a daily basis. For…

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“When we moved to Malmö I’d been afraid Geir and I would lose touch. That’s what distance does; when the time between conversations gets longer, intimacy diminishes, the little things attaching to one’s daily life lose their place, it seems odd to talk about a shirt you just bought or to mention you’re thinking of leaving the washing-up until morning when you haven’t spoken to a person for two weeks or a month, that absence would seem instead to call for more important topics, and once they begin to determine the conversation there’s no turning back, because then it’s two…

Pooja Ramakrishnan

Story-teller / In Progress: Environmental Science, Personal Reflection, Feminism / MSc Environmental Engineering / Open to writing commissions

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